donderdag 24 mei 2012

Inspiration Wall

As long as I can remember my mother is busy with her home. Many lifestyle magazines, many furniture stores and many changes in the house. I share this love for interiors...
Always changing and always busy with my house. Blogging is added since a couple of months. There is so much inspiration to find at many different and wonderful blogs.
Several blogs have inspired me to create this inspiration wall. I put them on my blogroll.
You can find them at 'Blogs that inspire me'.

Thank you very much!

This also applies to the blogs that I don't have handled in this inspiration wall. 
There are many more blogs that inspire me and that I love to read!
It can take an entire wall papered :-))

Thank you all dear readers and followers. Have a very nice evening!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm very honored to be on your wall! Thank you!
    Great wall!! hx

  2. so cool
    & beautiful!
    love it, and I have
    already pinned it on pinterest :)
    *smile from moa

  3. oh, this looks great!
    love the wall and the bags.
    i have that same vero moda bag,
    and i think the design is soo coool!
    i've been making moodboards lately
    aswell, it is so much fun!
    have a great weekend!

  4. Wooooow Lisanne Love this style! great pictures. And tnnx for your mail yesterday!
    Enjoy the weather this weekend + + +

  5. :) so great, I love it!You are very creative and inspiring
    See this, I hope you like :)
    A happy and fun weekend

  6. Look amazing!, great inspiration!, you have a little surprise at my blog, hope you like it!, have a lovely day and weekend! xoxo

  7. Thanks for including me ;) it is looking cool.....

  8. Bedankt voor je compliment meis! Jouw blog is ook echt super, kwam vanmiddag al op je blog via Elv's :-) Dus ik ga je ook even bij mn favo's zetten! Je moodboard hierboven is echt geweldig trouwens, gave styling!!
    Nou, fijn weekend, wat een top weertje he! groetjes sam

  9. Beautiful pics!!!
    Thank you a lot for your kind messages...
    Love your blog.
    Amicalement. Amorelou

  10. J'aime beaucoup ton inspiration wall et tes photos. Bravo.

  11. supergaaf Lisanne.... Helemaal mooi je moodboard! En dan ie ik er gewoon ook een foto van mij bijstaan! Leuk! fijn weekend :-)

  12. Ik ben je ook nog even aan het promoten op FB !
    Geniet van de zon +